Holidays at Alicudi

The territory of the Island of Alicudi

AlicudiThe sea is crystal clear with amazing visibility, full of fish, and accessible only by crossing over rocks or small beaches made up of pebbles. On Alicudi there are no classic sandy beaches.  Going up the steep mule paths, one is immersed in the thousands of colors offered by the agave, prickly pear, flowering caper plants, red bougainvillea, roses, violets, oranges, and naturally heather.  At the highest point of the Island, Filo dell’Arpa, the landscape is profoundly diverse compared to the coastal vegetation, the olive plants and prickly pear that were common up to 300 meters are replaced by chestnut trees and lime (also known as linden or basswood).
The only source of transportation, other than walking, to climb up the steep mule paths are by donkey and mule.  There are no mechanical vehicles that can ascend the Island, and no paved streets other than the brief cement road that runs for a few hundred meters along the coast and connects the plaza and pier to the helicopter landing pad in the case of emergency.

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Useful Information

consigli utili It is recommended to bring plastic “reef walking” shoes to enter the water;
consigli utili On the island there are no banks or ATMs, and it is advised to be prepared and have cash handy;
consigli utili In the month of August the island is completely "booked out", and reservations are needed in advance;
consigli utili Boat excursions, island tours, and fishing adventures with local fishermen are available daily;
consigli utili There are no paved streets other than a small portion paved near the pier; the only way to move around the island is by walking or on the back of a mule (used only for special occasions).

It is possible to reach the island of Alicudi by hydrofoil or ferry from Palermo, Milazzo and Napoli. The primary port of departure for the Aeolian Islands, and hence also for Alicudi, is the town of Milazzo, in the province of Messina (Sicily). Ferries and hydrofoils depart daily, year round, weather permitting.
Below we list the primary marine connections to the Island of Alicudi. The connections vary seasonally, and some are operational only during the summer. For this reason, we have included the links to the maritime company websites, so you can visualize the updated connections.


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Hotel Ericusa, bar, ristorante sul mare

Hotel Ericusa

the only one on the isle

Casa Mulino, case vacanze affitto sul mare

Casa Mulino

Apartments on the sea